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Is an international team of young, ambitious, innovative & creative event managers and marketing experts. Despite being established in 2023, you can absolutely pin your hopes on our professional background and experience in the industries of marketing, events management, video production, creative design, advertisement, etc.
We pride ourselves on providing state-of-the-art solutions and world-class event services for your exhibition, giving you a talented team of contractors and event organizers at your fingertips. We are also a host of our own international exhibitions and conferences in the following sectors: real estate, immigration, tax & legal consulting, banking & finance.

Being based in Vilnius (Lithuania), we are making go not only in the European Union, but also in Israel, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

We are the event organizer for I.P.I. Shows that will be held from February 2024 and keep on in regions with top demand for immigration and international real estate.

Why exhibit

At this stage of world economy development there are numerous offers on any demand of services or products.

Exhibitions and fairs are intended to bring together best industry players with prospective customers and/or agents in person. This is a unique opportunity to speak face-to-face with foreign companies and decide whom you are ready to trust instead of communicating with them over the phone.

We at The StoneWalls Expo do our own research and diligence to allow only trustworthy companies to exhibit with us. That is a crucial aspect for us, because we value trust in any kind of business as the top priority.

Exhibition and beyond

Our professional background in the industry aims to plan and hold thriving and outstanding events. We organize one of a kind show to bring industry leaders in contact with agents and prospective customers, whereas the customers receive full and up-to-date information & industry best offers on all their needs, in one hall with a welcoming atmosphere.

The StoneWalls Expo strives to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Upcoming events

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I.P.I. Show Kazakhstan
I.P.I. Show Kazakhstan
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Meet our team

The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
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